• Laura Rose

"Safety and Training Work Shops San Diego Photographer Laura Rose Has Taken"

Photography By L Rose (aka) Laura Rose LoL Me :) Has Taken So Many Different Safety And Training Work shops Through Out My Carrier Since 2014. I Believe That Taking All Things

Workshops and Learning From Top Industry Leaders In the Photography World Has Made Me A Better Photographer And Has Help Me To Stay On Top Of My Genre Of Photography That I Have Chosen For

My Photography Carrier Which is Family, Maternity, Newborn And Baby Milestone Sessions.

All these Work shops Have Also Help Me To Stay On Top Of All The New Trends And The Latest Photoshop Techniques. Which In Turn Helps Me To Provide Top Notch Service To My Clients.

2017 Newborn Retreat

This Retreat Included 23 Instructors that Are Industrial Leaders In the Newborn Photography World.

This Retreat had everything from safety,Posing to Composite editing to Training a Assistant.

This Retreat Had Over 23 hours Of Video Teaching tutorials.

Kelly Brown Newborn Safety Tips

What Was In The Videos,

  1. Never Leave Baby Unattended

  2. Always Support Baby’s Head and Neck

  3. Photoshop is a Safety Tool

  4. Never Force Baby into a Pose

  5. Always Wear Camera Strap when Shooting From Above Never Stand on Anything Above Baby

  6. Always Have a Spotter When Using Props

  7. Avoid ALL Fall Risks

  8. Never Use Glass or Breakable Props

  9. Baby’s Safety is Always More Important than “Getting the Shot”

Stand In Baby Newborn Safety Series Videos

About 1 Hour Of Video Training It Also Has A Nurse That Gives Great Safety Advice.

2017 Family Retreat

This Retreat Like The Newborn Retreat Had 23 Photographers Leading In The Industry Of Family Portraiture. This Retreat Had Over 23 Hours Of Video Training.

Meg Bitton Live Training

- Those Tiny Details

- No Excuses

- Simple Studio One Light

- Zero To Photoshop

- Skyline Trouble Makers

- Metro Maternity

- Magical Forest

- All Edits Pass

- Love In Palm Spring Pushing Limits

- Zero To Curves

Between Megs Online Work shop and Editing Videos I Have About 20 Plus Hours of Learning

Finding North Editing Video Collection Volume 2

9 Editing Videos From 9 Different Fine Art Photographers About 9 Hours of teaching Total.

2017 Maternity Retreat

This Retreat Was So Perfect For Me To Really Master My Skills At Maternity. I Seriously Love Maternity Sessions. I Even have A Maternity Gown Collection For All My Maternity Clients To Use For There Session. Check Out The Collection HERE*

This Retreat Had 20 Different Industrial Leaders Teaching.

This Retreat Had Over 20 Hours of Teaching.

You Tube

Over 30+ Hours Of Various Photography Teaching.

CPR - First Aid

I've Taken CPR + First Aid Over 4 Times.