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DIY Newborn Pics

San Diego Newborn Photographer, Photography By L Rose.

I'm sharing a DIY Newborn Baby Picture Pose secret. I want to coach any new parents that would like to get a newborn picture like this one in the blog post.

This pose is one of my most requested poses at my San Diego Newborn Photographer Studio here in Mira Mesa California.

It is also my go to pose. Even if baby is awake or crying. I usually get both parents hands in the picture. But I also do solo parent hands as well. It's probably just you and your partner so one has to take the picture! But if you have older children or another adult that could take the picture I would say try both hands. I'll leave a example down below with both parent hands just in case you do have a extra member at your house that can take the picture.

You might say to yourself. There's no way I can achieve that!

Well I'm here to tell you its definitely possible!

I'm here to walk you through it and possibly even be able to edit it for you depending on how many requests I get and able to keep up with.

All you need is some type of camera. It can be a Phone camera or a DSLR Or a Point and shoot.

I'm doing this for families during the month of April - May 2020 for the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.

Easy Step By Step Newborn DIY Giude!

Step 1:

- Find good natural window light in your house. Best if you can diffuse the window light with white sheer curtains.

Step 2:

-Find either a black blanket, towel, t-shirts. curtain, sheet or any other black cloth like thing you can lay baby down on.

Step 3:

- You will want a flat but soft area to put baby on. So where you found that beautiful natural light. Lets either hope its by a bed. But if not you can use a table and put a soft fluffy blanket on the bottom for cushion for babe. Also you can use a big couch cushion and bring it to where the natural light is in your house.

Step 4:

- Lay the black material you found down make sure it covers enough area to fit baby and enough of your arms and hands.

Step 5:

- Time to un-dress baby you can either leave diaper on or off. But if you take diaper off. I need to warn you that you need to expect a mess. I personally leave the diaper on and don't mind it showing a little. I usually always use dads hands to cover most of the diaper. As dad's hands are so big compared to your new babe.

Step 6:

- Curl babe up like the picture below. Oh and bring patients.

Step 7:

- Take the picture and take several shots. So this way if one is blurry you will have another that is not blurry. What ever camera you choose to use. Try to put focus point on baby's eyes.

Step 8:

- Send the image to - Photographybylrose@gmail.com So I can edit it for you.

and leave in subject DIY COVID-19 .

The Project is going to be offered from April 1st to May 31st 2020.

If you would like to edit the image yourself. Here are a few consumer apps or websites you can try out.



Here are a few examples for inspiration.

If you need any further assistance. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You are more then welcome to email me and we can set up a phone chat and I don't mind even setting up a face time video to walk you through the pose.

Email- photographybylrose@gmail.com

I would love to ask that you comment below if you do end up trying the DIY Newborn Pic

Or if you want to leave a question below feel free to and I'll try to answer any questions.

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