• Laura Rose

Drowning in Adorableness- San Diego Baby Photographer

Can we say "Adorableness" this Mommy and Daddy just had there first baby!

All the love this little guy had

before he even came world side was


I just couldn't get enough of this little one and how alert he was to his parents voices, he was over abundantly showing off his adorableness!

Also this little one Loved My White Noise I had Playing. I play White Noise sometimes for Babies that don't settle very easily for there sessions. It was like a miracle when I turned on the White Noise! Baby Settled write down. I had the Daddy text me a few days later for the link to the White noise I use. I was so happy to be able to share with these first time parents a precious little secret of white noise. I believe they were pretty happy I shared the Link!

Would you like to hear a little White Noise Click Here!

I also had the opportunity to Photograph this Beautiful Mommy's Maternity session to see it Click Here!