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My Own San Diego Photography Session- San Diego Family Photographer

Ok putting myself out here 😬😬😬 So I'm super duper self conscious about my body right now in this stage of my life. Which I believe a lot of women are at one point or another.

But I just want to say how important it is that we let go of our feelings and get our butts in the photos with our family and kiddos.

Ok so here is a few things I wanted to get off my chest.

1) I came to the mind set that I will never have the body I want. I've been thin and still seen myself as chubby I don't like the F word 😜 So I say Chubby 😆

2) All my Son and Family will see in these images is Me and my Love for them that I had.

3) I will never look like this ever again as we all age.

4)I really really wish I would have taken pictures more when my son was little he's 13 now 😩

5) I'm a photographer myself but this was my first family session I have paid for. Besides Wal-Mart like 13 years ago.😵

I'm changing that this year.

Tell you the truth we where always pretty broke and kinda still am 😆 I even treated myself to makeup and hair and nails 😁

6) I actually saved for 3 months to pay for my session and so glad I did. I booked 3 months ahead and was able to pay for it 😁 If I really want something I just save for it.

But I will tell you I really wish I did these sooner and not let my own insecurities get in the way. Yeah I May have a double chin and some rolls but this is me and im so so happy that I have a family and Beautiful Portraits to share for a Lifetime.

So sorry for the long post I'm not the greatest writer or speller so please forgive me and I hope this makes sense and helps a mamma realize she's beautiful no matter what stage in life she's at. Thank you for reading 😘

Some of the Photos from my session and credit goes to Heather Florance.

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