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Photographing Your Newborn at Home Guide - San Diego Newborn Photographer

Here is a great guide for my DIY Parents. I really don't want you missing out on photography your little one in this time of COVID-19.

Here at San Diego Newborn Photography Studio By Photography By L Rose. We are currently not allowed to conduct business s usually. As we know our nation and world right now is in a unprecedented time. So I wanted to share something with you to give you a little Sun in the gloominess of things.

The resource guide originated from the https://themilkyway.ca/about/

I would like to Thank Lisa and all that helped in making this guide.

She gave out a Canva PDF Edited Version so I was able to edit and use my own images and style.

Or leave a comment with your question can take a shot at it. So you can create beautiful images for your little one. Please reach out with any questions either by

Email: photographybylrose@gmail.com

Or leave a comment with your question below.

Would you like a PDF of the Check list?


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Check List - photographybylrose@gmail.com

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